Please, if you are interested in purchasing, please spend 3 minutes and check the questions and answers below
Frequently Asked Questions
Now due to the very high demamd it will make your and our life easier:)
What is included in the price of the platform?
Platform, speed controller, wire from controller to the motor, wire for the battery if you will use some to power the controller with 12v, Softcase, handling and shipping
What are dimensions of the platform?
Platform is 31.5" diameter (80cm), 7" tall, 40lbs NETTO.
What software do I need to operate th platform?
Platform works with no software. Just stand alone controller.
So you can use any capturing device to film and process videos
And you can use any software to render videos.

What options do you have?
+$150 we can add the led illumination (like here)
+$390 we can ADD a hardcase* (3mm fiberboard inside of each side). OR
for + $100 we can exclude the included softcase and add the hardcase*.
+$100 your logo on the top (laminated film as seen in supermarket's floor).

*Hardcase is NOT of the plywood but fabric with 3mm fiberboard inside of each side
How do u ship?
UPS by air. 2 weeks delivery including all customs stuff.
How much weight can support the platform?
350kg. Or as we say, 6 cheerleaders or 2-3 football players.
Do you offer a warranty for the equipment?
Warranty for equip is 1year.
Platform is steel and plywood so it stable. Control unit is hard to damage.
The only brittle thing is plastic scirt, but it is easy to replace.
IF something will broke or will arive broken, we will send spare or will refund and say where to buy such spare.
I don't want to use a gopro. What do you suggest?
For those who use Iphones or Ipads we suggest
check their FB group
and check our FB group
How to connect primary pc to GoPro's wifi AND to wifi with internet access?
Use usb wifi dongle like this. (you will have 2 networks on your laptop at the same time)
Is it possible to pay for the 360 with PayPal?
Yes we accept PayPal payments.
How can I buy?
Write us via Whatsapp ar email (in the bootom of any page)
We need:
your email, full delivery address, addressee name and phone number for PayPal invoice
Please mark the OPTIONS you want to add.
Ask any question about our 360booth: